Every Piece Carries A Story

Everything Carries A story.  I wear three pieces of jewellery. All of them mean something to me. I wear a piece of New Zealand jade (pounamu) on a string necklace, a silver ring, and a silver encircled pentagram on a silver necklace. I will tell of these in the order they came to me.

My Pounamu necklace 

My partner and I spent seven months in New Zealand in 2006. It was a formative time for us. We had been together for less than eighteen months as a couple and this was our first adventure away from any other family and friends. We bought each other a piece of pounamu, one from each island. I bought his in Auckland. He bought mine in Hokitika on the South Island. I was drawn to the colours of it. It’s a small piece in a very simple shape. When I wear it I feel my connection to him and to us.

The silver ring

We lived in Edinburgh for several years. Before we moved to Ireland (my home) we did quite a bit of travelling around Scotland. On one of those trips we visited the Isle of Skye. We stopped in Portree for coffee and a walk around the shops. The town seemed to be built around arts and crafts shops staffed with English artists. I had never shopped for a ring before and it wasn’t my intention. It seemed to just happen. I really like this ring. I wear it on the middle finger of my left hand. It speaks to me of intention and magic.

The Silver Pentagram Necklace

I have considered myself pagan for a long time. This is the first pentagram I’ve owned or worn. I bought it in Glastonbury when I was there three years ago for the OBOD Summer Assembly. I went searching for it. I had been looking for one for a while. I bought the pendant in one shop and the silver necklace in another. I like the look of silver on my skin. The silver of the moon rising. Normally I keep this necklace hidden beneath clothing but I have been known to be braver lately and let it shine. I wear it for many reasons. As a symbol it speaks of wisdom, learning, the five senses and an outstretched human figure. It is encircled. All is one. There is only one Everything.*

Everything carries its story. Everything is connected through threads of tales and memories of travels. What stories are you wearing today?

*I would love to lay claim to this sentence but I was told it by a friend.


4 thoughts on “Every Piece Carries A Story

    1. Hey Sennoma. Not at all! I love hearing/reading other people’s stories. Anywhere is a good place to start. All stories are connected in the web of things.

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