Beginning Energy Work

My study this week is half of chapter 2 from the book Energy Work by Robert Bruce.

I will share three of the exercises I attempted and my experience with them.

I have some small experience with energy work from reiki attunements, 5 rhythms work and energy body meditations.

Bruce talks about tactile imaging as an effective way to stimulate the energy body and begin to work with it.  His exercises including the ones I describe below are based on focused awareness of the sensations of the physical body and being able to remember and imagine those same sensations.

1. Focusing Body Awareness

The first exercise given is to focus body awareness in different parts of the body.

The instructions are to:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair, relaxed and with eyes closed
  • Focus your awareness in your left knee. Do this by becoming attuned to the sensations your knee is receiving. Gently ruby or scratch the area to bring it to your attention.
  • Move your awareness to your big toe on your left foot. Feel around there and move it back to your knee.
  • Repeat this with you right knee, and both arms and thumbs.

2. Hair combing exercise

In this exercise you focus your awareness but also use tactile memory and imagination.

  • Sit comfortably with eyes closed. Slowly raise your hand to your head and use your fingers like a comb across your scalp.  Memorise the sensations.  Do this several times.
  • Now, leave your physical hand on your lap and imagine lifting your hand to your head. Really feel the sensations of it and how it feels going through your hair, across your scalp.
  • Do this for both hands.

3. Brushing hands/feet

  • Again, sit comfortably in a chair. Place your left hand palm up on your lap. With eyes closed and focusing on the sensations, gently stroke your left hand with right from heel to fingertip.  Focus on the sensations.
  • Repeat in your imagination for thirty seconds.
  • Repeat using your right hand and each foot.
  • Experiment with sensing both hands or feet at the same time.

In my spiritual practice is a meditation on connecting with the light body. In that meditation I focus on my body parts and sense them relaxing and filling with light.  Using the techniques from above, I have found it easier to focus on smaller body parts and to physically stimulate them by stroking or rubbing to help with the visualisation.   If have found that the joints are easier to imagine and feel into.

I experimented gently with these exercises.  What I found most effective towards the end of the two weeks was to treat it as one long meditation.  I took some time and relaxed and then moved from one to the other in sequence.

To explore this further, please experiment with the exercises above and look out for R. Bruce’s book Energy Work.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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