Growing and Sharing with the Moon

I have found a way to engage my creativity and my desire to learn. With help from much musing, inspiration and a tarot reading from a friend, this is the format that I have settled on. Every two weeks, with the new and full moon, I pick up a new subject to study, with a specific goal in mind. At the end of that two weeks I write up and share what I learned.

I was inspired by the following quote.

“Happiness, as far as we are concerned, is achieved through living a meaningful life, a life that is filled with passion and freedom, a life in which we can grow as individuals and contribute to other people in meaningful ways. Growth and contribution: those are the bedrocks of happiness. Not stuff” – Ryan Nicodemus, Joshua Fields Millburn in Minimalism: Essential Essays.

I had been overwhelmed by the number of subjects I want to investigate. This way, I pick one, keep it small and grow from there. When trying to change a habit, one of the key pieces of advice is to tell someone/everyone. That way, it’s more than just inside your head and there are social consequences. In 5Rhythms, counselling and ritual practice I have found that being witnessed is supremely powerful. At the last new moon, which was also the summer solstice, I dedicated myself to this fortnightly rhythm of study and sharing. I committed myself to learning the first two fews of the ogham (a divinatory system based on old Irish lettering, similar to the runes). My goal was to be able to write and recognise the first ten characters and their meaning. My witness in ritual is the World around me (trees, rain, earth, air..).

Writing this here is also a certain commitment to maintain the cycle of learning and sharing.


Over the last two weeks I learned:

  • To start pick one subject and one goal and keep it simple and achievable.
  • Make the focus sharing your learning. It’s easy to give up on a goal if it’s for yourself, not so much if it’s for someone else.
  • When learning the ogham names and meanings I found using mindmaps helpful. Also useful was counting the names on the joints of my fingers, one finger for each few.
  • Let go of perfection. The ogham meanings I chose are contemporary and a useful starting point. I am not worrying about historical authenticity. Also, I chose to understand only the simplest of meanings. Now, I have a hook to hang further knowledge.
  • Use ritual, if you are comfortable with it. State your dedication aloud. It makes it real.
  • Pick a reasonable time frame. I really like two weeks. It connects me with the moon. It is also short enough to force me into action but long enough to cut me some slack.

How do you grow?  Are there cycles to your learning?  How do you share?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please add a comment below.

Beannachtaí ort.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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