Thinking Barefoot

I started this blog to explore my thoughts and to force me to get them into a presentable shape, topic by topic. I feel a need now to take that further.  A number of topics are arising now for me. A part of the reason for writing here is to build up my experience of writing itself. To this end, I want to write here a lot and about everything.  This is my verbal playground to explore.

How bare?

Barefoot is a powerful word for me.  Being barefoot is many things. It is about being relaxed and in the world and physically connected to it. It is about being vulnerable. It is about being honest. And also, it is about being radical. There is something truly radical about being seen and being barefoot in the world. It is breaking rules and conventions. It reminds me of a phrase I saw in a friend’s house recently. Dare to be the person you are, not the person you think you should be.

Barefoot is present, aware, and alive.

I am doing some travelling over the coming months with my partner. I had thought of a separate blog for recording our adventures however I decided to  write here and post some pictures of the places we visit.  I want writing here to be a regular practice for me, something that I do at least every few days. I face several challenges to grow in this but the main one being my own discipline.  The next step is the next step on the journey.


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