Resistance to Tasks

Procrastination is a fascinating thing. I have had some college assignments due recently. I put up a huge amount or resistance to writing them. And then I noticed that I love writing. I’ll gladly sit and write all day. When I have a topic that I want to describe or inspect, I’ll take pen to paper or take our my laptop or mindmap it. I’ll gladly write here or write letters to friends. It seems to be only when I’m given a deadline by somebody else that I resist. Why is that? Is it the feeling that the task is coming from outside myself? Is it the feeling of imposition? It’s a tendency to watch.

Perhaps it is a resistance to tasks and chores in general. When something is fun and playful I do not resist.

I am currently reading Personal Development For Smart People by Steve Pavlina. One point that struck me yesterday was his discussion on goal setting. Goal setting is not for future gain. Goal setting is for current gain. If you choose a goal that makes you come alive now, you will work towards it. If you choose a goal that doesn’t ignite your passion, it will feel like drudgery and toil. The learning here is to find what ignites you and go for it.

As I write this, I am noticing in myself thoughts about feelings of guilt. It is normal for me to feel like I ‘should’ be doing x or y and then feeling guilt or anxiety that I’m not. Why not accept that my passions are as they are and strive for excellence in that field.

Points to ponder as I begin the day..

Do you follow your passions? Do you make goals that set you alight?


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please share them with me.

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